Right To Know wins case against An Taoiseach

Today Right to Know CLG won its case against An Taoiseach in relation to access to records of Cabinet discussions. The unapproved judgment is here and is subject to correction.

We believe this to be a significant victory for access to information rights generally, and for the applicability of EU law when there is conflict with national law, including the Constitution. It is open to An Taoiseach to appeal this decision, but we believe such an effort would not ultimately be successful. The public has a right to know how our Cabinet is discussing Climate Change, and what measures are being taken to mitigate its affects. We also should know if what is being said at Cabinet reflects what is being said in public.

Right To Know will continue to seek to vindicate the rights of citizens to access information, whether it be under national or EU law, including FOI, AIE, GDPR or rPSI.

We would like to thank all of our members for their support. We would also like to thank our awesome legal team: FPLogue Solicitors, Noel Travers SC and Gary Fitzgerald BL.

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